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The Outsider: Messages From Beyond


Mystic Stars is proud to introduce 'The Outsider: Messages from Beyond'.

Our premier episode includes an introduction to Lasha, an explanation of her work as a Blue Dragon and a short discussion on synchronicity.

In future episodes Lasha will discuss everything from UFOs and extra-dimensional events to shifting Earth consciousness and past life awareness. Not even the mystery of Bigfoot, lost ancient mysticism, interplanetary travel or even the solar effects on DNA will be too controversial. And, of course, Lasha will address any and all questions that listeners send via email or on our forums. soon as we can figure out exactly how to code the pages...we will also be offering a chat feature, an exclusive members area, monthly private chats with Lasha and weekly interviews with researchers from the alternative media. Lasha also hopes to share ideas with others that have experienced unusual events in their lives and interview mystics from various esoteric communities.

We at Mystic Stars hope that The Outsider will develop in ways yet to be discovered and we look forward to hearing the suggestions and comments of all our listeners.

See you at the show!

An introduction to Lasha, an explanation of her work as a Blue Dragon and a short discussion on synchronicity
Play Outsider S1 Ep1

A brief discussion of dimensionality, Bigfoot, stalking, dreaming, mystical practices and celestial beings.
Play Outsider S1 Ep2

A short discussion on astrology, cosmology and the subtle art of interstellar travel.
Play Outsider S1 Ep3

A discussion of the Ark of the Covenant.
Play Outsider S1 Ep4

Strange weather, soul-stealing spiders, JFK, portals to other worlds and the Archons.
Play Outsider S1 Ep5

Subtle perceptions, past lives, living statues, the Jinn and psychic surgery.
Play Outsider S1 Ep6

The much-dreaded Christmas conspiracy.
Play Outsider S1 Ep7

Field Notes One Mystic's Journey by Lasha Seniuk

Field Notes One Mystic's Journey by Lasha Seniuk, Ebook $7.95 Buy Now

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Kevin Smith - the last interview.
Kevin Smith Show Aug 6 2013.mp3

On August 6, 2013 I interviewed Kevin Smith of The Kevin Smith Show. It was to be his last interview. Kevin died of complications from a massive heart attack on August 14, 2013, his birthday.

The first few seconds of this interview did not record. The missing words at the beginning are: 'The stars are perfectly aligned, the elliptic is unwavering and the microphone is strong and true. You have arrived at The Kevin Smith Show'.

*Special note: Astrologically, when someone dies on their actual birthday it is an indication of several things.

One: that they have a special relationship with the Sun and have likely come to this plane of existence for a very specific purpose. Kevin and I had spoken about this at length and Kevin felt his purpose was to act as a 'release valve' for blocked information that needed to be moved into the public's awareness. I agree completely.

And two: because the Sun is a gateway, that the spirit of a person who dies on their birthday will be leaving this system of reality altogether and returning back to a higher plane.

Godspeed, my friend. Journey well. You will be missed.

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