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Yearly Forecast: Libra 2021
(September 23-October 23)

Image: "On the bottom of the ocean, four translucent pearls"
Message: The appearance of wisdom.

Early in 2021 romantic and family relationships will enter a subtle period of adjustment and improved communications. Emotional differences and complications due to competing lifestyles will be more easily addressed between January 18th and March 11th. Some Librans, especially those born after 1993, will also find that a business official or partner presents an unusual idea for returning to an old project or resurrecting the past. If so, go slow here and expect new workplace information from unusual sources. After mid-April a moody or self-reflective relative may announce an important decision. Key areas of concern may involve home financing, past romantic triangles or living arrangements. Wait for more information: by the end of May family and romantic obligations will change several times. Key areas of concern may be parent/child relations, daily habits or traditional home roles. Trust your instincts here: over involvement in the emotional affairs of relatives may become quite costly. By early July all calms down and becomes predictable: pace yourself and wait for home clarity to return. Much of the summer months will challenge you to redefine your social commitments and romantic goals and, by late September, bring greater intimacy to key relationships.

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