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Yearly Forecast: Taurus 2021
(April 21-May 20)

Image: "At dawn, clouds of sand blowing across the deserts"
Message: Stormy moments.

Early this January a colleague or business official may challenge your ideas in public or suddenly change proven job policies. Be patient: aspects indicate that although all is positive, others may now be restless or openly critical. After February 18th watch for a series of small miscalculations or money mistakes to cause workplace confusion. Key areas of concern will be overdue payments, debts or deadlines. Don't push for quick answers: none will be forthcoming. Between March 6th and mid-April a close friend or lover may be unusually nostalgic or highly focused on past family events. Allow loved ones extra time and space here: deep emotions and long social or family histories may be involved. By late April all begins to fit neatly into place: remain patient and offer ongoing support. Over the next two to three months many Taureans will bring decisive and lasting change into their private lives and workplace obligations. The key here is to recognize what needs to fade away and amplify all that deserves to stay. Choose people and promises that have had a long-term, lasting quality and all will be well. After July 26th a surprising employment opportunity may arrive. New management positions, unique workplace agreements and unusual business partnerships are likely. Accept all new offers: by mid-September a new era of career expansion will begin.

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