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Okay...looks like we're all good for tomorrow night. Lines checked, stream functional, microphone ready...we're a go. Oh, and just so you know, we will be posting the past shows on the website. Probably in the next day or two.


And yes, yes...more American news coming too. *sheesh*

get you some seasoned tech help

Thanks Mr. B...will do just that. *big smile*


PS: I received this strangely encoded message. Dunno. Perhaps you can make sense of it.

Dear BG,

In lieu of a parting gift, here's one of your favourites...a nice little melodrama...for you all to most courageously ponder.


oh...and just wondering...what's it like to be so dead inside that you have to hurt others just to feel alive?

get you some seasoned tech help

Okay, here's the deal. Tonight, March 16, I did my regular hour long podcast starting at exactly 8pm pt.

Before the show I, as usual, tested all the equipment and the stream. All were working just fine. Approximately 3 minutes before the show however I noticed a weird flash on my computer screen and a flickering of all the icons, cursor, etc. Very strange. But nonetheless, I did the show.

It turns out that the show did not broadcast and, even more strangely, did not even record. I have no idea what happened...people just kept getting a loading error on the live stream. And, my streaming company said they did not experience any problems at that time.

I suspect I may have been hacked or somehow interfered with through my computer.

It could have been anybody, I I have a whole gaggle of trolls from a forum I used to frequent that are out to either hurt me or silence me as best they can...or it could even have been an attack because of my political views.

I may need to return to a streaming provided that I once used in the past. They have a very high level of cyber security in place that would, I am sure, be able to remedy the situation. However, they are quite expensive and right now...because of a lot of extra prescription costs from my recent medical issues... I can not afford an expensive server.

I am really bummed about this and I hope I can get it resolved. I will keep you posted. I do have the first two episodes of Blue Moon and I will post them on the site shortly.



I'm still having troubles with the Skype thing, so it may be a bit strange on the next show (tomorrow night). I will have the skype running, but if someone calls in they may hear a big old nasty echo in their earphones. It may or may not fade within a few minutes of talking on air, so we shall see. Personally, I think the Russians are hacking me. *smile* This could get messy.

No guest for the next show. I will be, eventually, working on that...but for right now, I think it is best just to get the format down and work on my clock a bit more.

Anyway, there ya have it. Oh and thanks for messages. It's good to have friends, let me tell you!


Blue Moon / We're Back! Live on Thursday nights at 8pm pt. Hey people...let's talk!
« Last post by Lasha on March 09, 2017, 07:15:27 PM »
Blue Moon at Midnight is back on the air waves! Some technical difficulties, but heck...isn't there always? We shall, intrepidly, muddle through. Please be patient, though. I am still desperately trying to wrestle Skype into submission. Mind of it's own, this Skype thing.

Anyway, I have no idea where this show will go, what the format will end up as or, indeed, even if anyone will listen. But, I shall endure.

Comments? Questions? Observations? Leave them here, start a discussion, complain, tell jokes, exchange's all good.

Enjoy the show!

Music / P!nk - Glitter In The Air (GRAMMYs on CBS)
« Last post by eagle on January 20, 2017, 07:39:56 PM »

Politics / Meryl Streep After Golden Globe Speech
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Politics / Michelle Obama's Emotional Final Message
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The Outsider: Messages From Beyond / Re: New Show Schedule
« Last post by Lasha on January 01, 2017, 02:55:38 AM »
Oh my gorsh...don't ya love Vancouver? I just love Vancouver.

This Christmas season a new trend started here in Vancouver. Small groups of teenagers, when happening upon a parked police car with Constables in it, would stop, hold hands and sing to the officers....get this..."Police Navidad, Police Navidad...we want to wish you merry Christmas...."

Oye only in Canada, eh?.

Had a wonderful holiday season with lots of grandkids and presents and friends dropping by. We did lasagna this year for Christmas dinner instead of a turkey. The grandkids requested it. They love lasagna. And it was so much easier to prepare. I had wanted to try what those crazy Americans do and deep fry a turkey but....apparently, it is a tad on the dangerous side and just can't buy those kinds of deep fry pots in Canada. Oh well. Maybe next year.

New Years Eve (tonight) was quiet. Well, mostly quiet. Popped open a bottle of non-alcoholic sparking cider and we all watched the fireworks on TV and toasted in the new year. There was much giggling and kissing and such. Also, it's kind of a Canadian tradition that at midnight on New Year's Eve everyone grabs a pot lid and a big spoon and runs around the block banging the lid and making noise and yelling 'Happy New Year'. So, the neighbourhood was quite loud at you can well imagine. We didn't go outside though...way too cold and snowy (and loud...ha!) this year.

Anyway, it was a wonderful Christmas. And I hope 2017 will be just as much fun.

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