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BLUE MOON  April 20, 2017 Playlist of Music

1) Cruel, Victoria Banks, Indigo (sampler), 2015 (3:36)

2) Inside My Heart, The Murderous Mistake, 2011 (4:45)

3) Ruins, Graceful Closure, Rev, 2015, (3:20)

4) Let Go The Stone, Victoria Banks, Indigo (sampler), 2015 (3:23)

5) Blow The House Down, Darlingside, The Ancestors, 2015 (3:20)

6) Rise New Jerusalem, Auteur, Titre, date unknown, (4:59)

SPECIAL NOTE: Next week's guest will be Michael Horn, the official spokesman for Billy Meier. Please check out his web site for background information at Also, if you have questions you would like me to ask Michael Horn (either controversial, challenging or spiritual), just leave them here in this thread and I will certainly ask them.


BLUE MOON  April 13, 2017 Playlist of Music

1) 99 Luftballoons, Nena, Nena Live, 1995 (3:56)

2) S.O.B., Nathaniel Rateliff, Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats, 2015 (4:07)

3) The Candy Man, Cibo Matto, 2015 (3:13)

4) Black Horse and A Cherry Tree, KT Tunstall, NOW vol. 22, 2005 (2:50)

5) Blame The Media, Project Data Control, date unknown, (2:02)

6) Poor St. John, Joe Marson, The Satisfied Mind, date unknown, (5:11)


BLUE MOON  April 6, 2017 Playlist of Music

1) Lonely Soul, The Happy Ones, date unknown (3:31)

2) Ghost in the Radio, Vigilant, 2013, Josh Tarp and the Still (3:02)

3) Better Than Ezra - The Great Unknown, Pilgrimage Music Festival, 2015 (3:58)

4) Shadow, SOJA, ATO Records - Spring Sampler, 2015 (3:51)

5) Clear Your History, The Womb, 2001 (5:09)

6) That's How Strong My Love Is, Live Vol II, Rob Drabkin, 2015 (6:50)


Okay, all fixed. The site has been updated and the latest show has been posted.  :)


Hi folks,

We're having trouble accessing our FTP, so have not been able to upload the last show or even update my Saturday column. Oh gloom! Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience. The intrepid techies at our server are working on it and we will see what they come up with.

Oh and yes, I will be posting the music used for each show. Watch for it here, in the very near future.


Great News!

Canuck is on the mend and, thanks to much love and his intrepid Veterinarian, should be at full charm very soon!

Here's a short message from them both:

Someone had a flight test tonight, and passed with "flying" colors. He was a little winded after having not flown for a week. But Canuck did extremely well. He'll still be in care for a few more days, but things are looking good. :-)

Oh dear...terrible news!

Canuck the crow has been viciously attacked and is now recovering at the Vet's office. Apparently, while watching a soccer game in a local park, a man at the game clocked Canuck in the head with a flag. According to witnesses, he was rendered unconscious for about 15 minutes, woke up and then staggered away. He was found a few hours later dazed and fumbling and immediately take to the Vet. Canuck is now recovering from his ordeal and resting comfortably.

I have included some pictures but for more detailed info, please go to the 'Canuck and I' Facebook page. Canuck is a bit of a local celebrity since he stole the murder weapon at a crime scene some months ago. He has over 43,000 followers worldwide. There is also a gofundme page set up to help with his Vet bills.

Hi folks,

The last three Blue Moon shows are posted here:



Okay...looks like we're all good for tomorrow night. Lines checked, stream functional, microphone ready...we're a go. Oh, and just so you know, we will be posting the past shows on the website. Probably in the next day or two.


And yes, yes...more American news coming too. *sheesh*

get you some seasoned tech help

Thanks Mr. B...will do just that. *big smile*


PS: I received this strangely encoded message. Dunno. Perhaps you can make sense of it.

Dear BG,

In lieu of a parting gift, here's one of your favourites...a nice little melodrama...for you all to most courageously ponder.


oh...and just wondering...what's it like to be so dead inside that you have to hurt others just to feel alive?

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