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Mystic Stars first appeared in newsprint in 1984 and rapidly developed a wide and loyal newspaper audience throughout North America. The unique style and lively presentation of Mystic Stars translated so well into a visual medium that in March 1992 Lasha's horoscopes were a natural addition to a newly forming and much anticipated technology: the internet. By June 1992 Mystic Stars became a full-fledged multi-medium company and began offering a recognizable and consistent presence on the web.

One of the original five astrologers on line, Lasha's work quickly developed an appeal throughout Britain and the US. Between 1994 and 1995 the Mystic Stars site was largely redesigned to include several new columns, card features and interactive programs. Again experiencing a wave of popularity and growth, Mystic Stars then expanded its subscription base and increased its daily traffic to almost 35,000 unique visits per day.

Early on in the history of Mystic Stars, media appearances and live web broadcasts also became a regular feature. Today, Lasha's horoscopes and unique mystical insights have been syndicated to over 400 newspapers throughout the US, Canada and Britain. She has been interviewed by many radio and television programs and works as both a trained mystic and a professional writer.

Lasha began her psychic training early in life and soon discovered that she had an unique calling to influence Earth energies, to amplify shared consciousness and to increase the personal awareness of others. She has extensively studied Tantric Tibetan Buddhism and on a daily basis works with extra dimensional teachers and celestial beings. She has experienced a variety of unusual circumstances and events in her life and, as a seasoned mystic, she writes extensively on interstellar travel, astro-theology, mysticism and other realms.

Lasha holds a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature and a Master's Degree in Creative Writing. She lives and works in Vancouver, BC with her spouse, three cats, two children and a noisy brood of grandchildren.

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