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Astrology Field Notes

About The Book...

Several years ago, Lasha began a painful and rigorous journey of mystical self-discovery. Coupled with a brisk schedule of meditation, she worked tirelessly to explore hidden realms and other dimensions and…with the help of several celestial teachers…she ventured ever closer toward a deeper level of awareness.

Field Notes is the chronicle of that remarkable journey.

Never before has the mystical process been explained with such candor, eloquence and practicality. During her adventure, Lasha encounters many ethereal teachers from her past, dimensional gatekeepers, celestial beings, trickster entities, hideous monsters as well as several magnificent carrier beings. Her story is a unique one and, as Lasha says, one that can no longer be hidden from us.

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The Ebook has 102 pages and a pdf file will be sent to you by email.

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